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5G Outlook – Innovations and Applications
5G Outlook - Innovations and Applications is a collection of the recent research and development in the area of the...
5G - 2020 and Beyond
With the emergence of 5G, the society would be ushered into a new communication era. 5G would be significantly different,...
5G Wireless Technologies
50 Plus One Medical Breakthroughs that May Help You Live Better
50 Plus One Tips for Handling Stress
5210 Pediatric Obesity Clinical Decision Support Chart
50 Ways to Use Technology Enhanced Learning in the Classroom
Practical strategies for teachingThis is a practical guide to the�use of technology enhanced learning (TEL)�in the classroom. Introducing 50 ways...
5 Principles of the Modern Mathematics Classroom
Creating a Culture of Innovative ThinkingStudents pursue problems they?re curious about, not problems they?re told to solve. Creating a math...
5 Skills for the Global Learner
What Everyone Needs to Navigate the Digital WorldTap the power of digital learning! In today?s digital world, distance and cultural...
50 Ways to Close the Achievement Gap (Multimedia Kit)
A Multimedia Kit for Professional DevelopmentThis multimedia kit provides staff developers with discussion questions and focused activities for leading a...
55 Tactics for Implementing RTI in Inclusive Settings
Boost academic achievement for all students in your inclusive classroom! As schools implement RTI in general education settings, educators need...
50 Ways to Close the Achievement Gap
Clear, updated guidelines for increasing academic performance and providing educational equity for all students! This revised guide outlines 50 strategies...
50 Literacy Strategies for Culturally Responsive Teaching, K-8
Make literacy meaningful in your classroom for students of all cultures!� Field-tested for K-8 teachers, this book introduces students to...
50 Key Concepts in Gender Studies
`Lively and impressive. I can easily imagine this text being used by both gender and women's studies undergraduates and postgraduates....
50 Years after Deinstitutionalization
Mental Illness in Contemporary CommunitiesThroughout the 1960?s and 1970?s, a revolution in mental health policy and practice known as deinstitutionalization...
50 Billion Dollar Boss
African American Women Sharing Stories of Success in Entrepreneurship and LeadershipThis book looks at several successful African American women and...
50 Years of DNA
Crick and Watson's discovery of the structure of DNA fifty years ago marked one of the great turning points in...
50 Years a Keynesian and Other Essays
The author reviews retrospectively his developing ideas on theory and policy since he first encountered Keynes's writings in 1950. Topics...
5G Mobile Communications
This book provides a comprehensive overview of the emerging technologies for next-generation 5G mobile communications, with insights into the long-term...
5G Wireless Systems
Simulation and Evaluation TechniquesThis book focuses on key simulation and evaluation technologies for 5G systems. Based on the most recent...
5G Heterogeneous Networks
Self-organizing and OptimizationThis SpringerBrief provides state-of-the-art technical reviews on self-organizing and optimization in 5G systems. It covers the latest research...
5G for Future Wireless Networks
First International Conference, 5GWN 2017, Beijing, China, April 21-23, 2017, ProceedingsThis book constitutes the proceedings of the First International Conference...
5-HT2A Receptors in the Central Nervous System
5-HT2A receptors are G-protein coupled receptors that are widely distributed throughout the brain, most notably on neuronal and glial cells....
5-HT2C Receptors in the Pathophysiology of CNS Disease
Part of Springer?s ?The Receptors,? series, this text is the first ever overview on the research of 5-HT2c receptors. 5-HT2c...
5G and E-Band Communication Circuits in Deep-Scaled CMOS
This book discusses design techniques, layout details and measurements of several key analog building blocks that currently limit the performance...
50 Years with Hardy Spaces
A Tribute to Victor HavinWritten in honor of Victor Havin (1933?2015), this volume presents a collection of surveys and original...
50 Years of Brown Dwarfs
From Prediction to Discovery to Forefront of ResearchThe years 2012/2013 mark the 50th anniversary of the theoretical prediction that Brown...
50 Years of Artificial Intelligence
Essays Dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of Artificial IntelligenceThis Festschrift volume, published in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Artificial...
5th Conference on Automated Deduction
Les Arcs, France, July 8-11, 1980
50 Years after MM: Recent Developments in Corporate Finance
This special issue includes statements to the Corporate Financial Theory, Capital Structure Research, IFRS-adoption and Relationship Lending, the Capital Structure...