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Biosolids Recycling [CANCELLED]
Effects on Human Health and the Environment
Bouncing Back
An Eastern Barred Bandicoot StoryA beautifully illustrated story of this marsupial's plight and how it was saved from extinction. The...
British and Irish Butterflies
An Island PerspectiveIslands are special places; they can be havens for unique plants and animals and refuges for wildlife. This...
Bovine Tuberculosis
This book is contemporary, topical and global in its approach, and provides an essential, comprehensive treatise on bovine tuberculosis and...
Birds in Their Habitats
Journeys with a NaturalistEverywhere we go there are birds, and they all have mysteries to be unravelled. These mysteries include...
Black British Graduates
Untold StoriesAmanda Arbouin breaks new ground in documenting the learning and employment of black graduates in the UK. Ten British...
By the Light of the Silvery Moon
Teacher Moonlighting and the Dark Side of Teachers' WorkTeacher moonlighting has been studied and documented since at least the early...
Building Industries at Sea
‘Blue Growth’ and the New Maritime EconomyThroughout the world there is evidence of mounting interest in marine resources and new...
Boîte à outils pour une gestion vectorielle intégrée en Afrique subsaharienne
La présente boîte à outils destinée à favoriser une gestion vectorielle intégrée (GVI) vise à aider les directeurs de programmes...
Breakthroughs in Smart City Implementation
Breakthroughs in Smart City Implementation addresses a wide variety of present social, political and technological problems. Green and long-lasting solutions...
Blackberries and Their Hybrids
This practical book provides a comprehensive and accessible overview of all aspects of the commercial production of blackberries and their...
Bovine Pathology
A Text and Color AtlasIllustrated with over 1,000 color images of the highest quality, Bovine Pathology: A Text and Color...
Behavioural Types
From Theory to ToolsBehavioral type systems in programming languages support the specification and verification of programs’ properties beyond the traditional...
Bion in Buenos Aires
Seminars, Case Presentation and Supervision
Beijing Model of Gifted Education and Talent Development
In China, talent development has been one of the key areas of attention in national focus for the development of...
Bringing Forth Prosperity - Capacity Innovation in Africa
Capacity innovation is the key to Africa's transformation— with the appropriate catalysts— and innovation and transformation are but a matter...
Building the Future Internet through FIRE
2016 FIRE Book - a Research and Experimentation based ApproachThe Internet as we know it today is the result of...
Basics of Polymer Chemistry
Basics of Polymer Chemistry is of great interest to the chemistry audience. The basic properties of polymers, including diverse fundamental...
Building the Hyperconnected Society
Internet of Things Research and Innovation Value Chains, Ecosystems and Markets Building the Hyperconnected Society provides a broad overview of...
Bio-Informatic Systems, Processing and Applications
The combination of bio-telemetry, sensor networks, communication networks, and computing has opened up new areas in the medical field and...
Biomedical and Environmental Sensing
At a time when the applications of sensors are in high demand and environmental issues are international priorities, this book...
Building Synergy for High-Impact Educational Initiatives
First-Year Seminars and Learning Communities Published in partnership with the Washington Center for Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education First-year...
Building Agricultural Extension Capacity in Post-Conflict Settings
Case StudiesThis book (a) investigates the experiences and issues involved with rebuilding extension systems (including public sector, private sector, and...
Business on a Mission
How to Build a Sustainable Brand
Blueprints for Tropical Dairy Farming
Increasing Domestic Milk Production in Developing Countries
Basic Electronics
Theory and PracticeThis updated edition is an introduction appropriate for both the student and hobbyist to the theory and practice...
Biocontrol Agents
Entomopathogenic and Slug Parasitic NematodesThis book describes entomopathogenic and slug parasitic nematodes as potential biocontrol agents in crop insect and...
Blood and Ink
Breast Cancer Screening
A Working Group of 29 independent international experts from 16 countries, convened by the International Agency for Research on Cancer...
Bandwidth Recovery
Helping Students Reclaim Cognitive Resources Lost to Poverty, Racism, and Social Marginalization Published in association with AAC&U This book argues...