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Farming Meat Goats
Breeding, Production and MarketingGoat meat is growing in popularity in Australia and is also an important export industry. It offers...
Fraternities and Sororities in the Contemporary Era
A Pendulum of Tolerance Fraternities and Sororities in the Contemporary Era examines the issues and challenges pertaining to the American...
Faecal Sludge and Septage Treatment
A Guide for Low and Middle Income Countries
Fairtrade Impacts
Lessons from Around the WorldFairtrade goods are claimed to empower producers, and promote sustainable livelihoods, and it is these claims...
Faith and Experience in Education
Essays from Quaker PerspectivesThis book emerges from a deep concern about the direction of educational policy in the last decade...
Fair Trade and Organic Agriculture
A Winning Combination?Organic and fair-trade certified commodities catering for niche markets are growing rapidly and offer potential benefits for small-scale...
From the Trenches
A Victim and Therapist Talk about Mind Control and Ritual Abuse
Freud at Work
On the History of Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice, with an Analysis of Freud's Patient Calendar
First Biennial Progress Report
Action Plan for Healthy Newborn Infants in the Western Pacific Region (2014-2020)Newborn deaths account for half of deaths of children...
Faces of the Freudian I
The Place of the Ego in Psychoanalysis
The Unconscious and World Affairs
Foundations of Physics
This book is designed as a calculus-based introduction to the concepts of physics. Numerous examples, applications, and figures provide readers...
Food and Wine Tourism
Integrating Food, Travel and TerritoryThis established textbook explores how regions present themselves to tourists experiencing the culture, history, and ambience...
Faculty Resource Manual 4.0
A publication of University 101 Programs, University of South Carolina Designed by the University 101 staff and campus partners at...
Secure Communication and NetworkingWith Femtocell popularities and deployments on the rise, a number of Femtocell security breaches have been reported....
Frequency-Domain Multiuser Detection for CDMA Systems
Future broadband wireless communication systems are expected to offer new and powerful services enabling fast transmission rates of several tens...
Future Internet Services and Service Architectures
Future Internet Services and Service Architectures presents state-of-the-art results in services and service architectures based on designs for the future...
Future Trends and Challenges for ICT Standardization
Future Trends and Challenges for ICT Standardization identifies the importance of ICT standardization for strengthening the Indian industrial and business...
Fulfilling the Promise of the Community College
Increasing First-Year Student Engagement and Success Published in partnership with the American Association of Community Colleges For the past three...
Foundations for Critical Thinking
Foundations for Critical Thinking explores the landscape of critical-thinking skill development and pedagogy through foundational chapters and institutional case studies involving...
Fish Viruses and Bacteria
Pathobiology and ProtectionTaking a disease-based approach, Fish Viruses and Bacteria: Pathobiology and Protection focuses on the pathobiology of and protective...
Family Jigsaws
Grandmothers as the Missing Piece Shaping Bilingual Children's Learner IdentitiesThis exciting ethnographic study spotlights the multiple identities of three third...
Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motors
Family and Couple Psychoanalysis
A Global Perspective
Frugal Value
Designing Business for a Crowded Planet
Fundamentals of Service-Learning Course Construction
A hands-on resource with practical guidance to assist faculty in designing, developing, and constructing service-learning courses. This information-packed guide offers...
Forest Hydrology
Processes, Management and AssessmentForests cover approximately 26% of the world's land surface area and represent a distinct biotic community. They...
Financial Management Investment Decisions
Full Product Transparency
Cutting the Fluff Out of Sustainability
From Innovation to Implementation - eHealth in the WHO European Region (2016)
This report describes the development of and emerging trends in electronic health (e-health) in the WHO European Region in 2016....