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Elite Polygamy in Urban Malaysia Elite Malay women’s polygamy narratives are multiple and varied, and their sentiments regarding the practice...
Medicinal Rule New
Medicinal Rule
A Historical Anthropology of Kingship in East and Central Africa As soon as Europeans set foot on African soil, they...
Momentous Mobilities New
Momentous Mobilities
Anthropological Musings on the Meanings of Travel Grounded in scholarly analysis and personal reflection, and drawing on a multi-sited and...
Mirrors of Passing
Unlocking the Mysteries of Death, Materiality, and Time Without exception, all people are faced with the inevitability of death, a...
Moral Anthropology New
Moral Anthropology
A Critique A development in anthropological theory, characterized as the 'moral turn', is gaining popularity and should be carefully considered....
Memorializing the GDR New
Memorializing the GDR
Monuments and Memory after 1989 Since unification, eastern Germany has witnessed a rapidly changing memorial landscape, as the fate of...
Managing Northern Europe's Forests New
Managing Northern Europe's Forests
Histories from the Age of Improvement to the Age of Ecology Northern Europe was, by many accounts, the birthplace of...
Messy Europe New
Messy Europe
Crisis, Race, and Nation-State in a Postcolonial World Using the economic crisis as a starting point, Messy Europe offers a...
Money at the Margins New
Money at the Margins
Global Perspectives on Technology, Financial Inclusion, and Design Mobile money, e-commerce, cash cards, retail credit cards, and more—as new monetary...
Moral Engines New
Moral Engines
Exploring the Ethical Drives in Human Life In the past fifteen years, there has been a virtual explosion of anthropological...
Modern Germany in Transatlantic Perspective New
Modern Germany in Transatlantic Perspective
Bringing together incisive contributions from an international group of colleagues and former students, Modern Germany in Transatlantic Perspective takes stock...
Managing Ambiguity New
Managing Ambiguity
How Clientelism, Citizenship, and Power Shape Personhood in Bosnia and Herzegovina Why do people turn to personal connections to get...
Money in the German-speaking Lands New
Money in the German-speaking Lands
Money is more than just a medium of financial exchange: across time and place, it has performed all sorts of...
Mad Mädchen New
Mad Mädchen
Feminism and Generational Conflict in Recent German Literature and Film The last two decades have been transformational, often discordant ones...
Mary Douglas New
Mary Douglas
Understanding Social Thought and Conflict Mary Douglas’s innovative explanations for styles of human thought and for the dynamics of institutional...
Money in a Human Economy New
Money in a Human Economy
A human economy puts people first in emergent world society. Money is a human universal and now takes the divisive...
Methodologies of Mobility New
Methodologies of Mobility
Ethnography and Experiment Research into mobility is an exciting challenge for the social sciences that raises novel social, cultural, spatial...
Metaphors of Spain New
Metaphors of Spain
Representations of Spanish National Identity in the Twentieth Century The history of twentieth-century Spanish nationalism is a complex one, placing...
Microhistories of the Holocaust New
Microhistories of the Holocaust
How does scale affect our understanding of the Holocaust? In the vastness of its implementation and the sheer amount of...
Memory Unbound New
Memory Unbound
Tracing the Dynamics of Memory Studies Though still a relatively young field, memory studies has undergone significant transformations since it...
Migrations in the German Lands, 1500-2000 New
Migrations in the German Lands, 1500-2000
Migration to, from, and within German-speaking lands has been a dynamic force in Central European history for centuries. Exemplifying some...
Mimesis and Pacific Transcultural Encounters New
Mimesis and Pacific Transcultural Encounters
Making Likenesses in Time, Trade, and Ritual Reconfigurations How do images circulating in Pacific cultures and exchanged between them and...
Moving Places New
Moving Places
Relations, Return and Belonging Moving Places draws together contributions from Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa, exploring practices and experiences...
Mortuary Dialogues New
Mortuary Dialogues
Death Ritual and the Reproduction of Moral Community in Pacific Modernities Mortuary Dialogues presents fresh perspectives on death and mourning...
Migration by Boat New
Migration by Boat
Discourses of Trauma, Exclusion and Survival At a time when thousands of refugees risk their lives undertaking perilous journeys by...
Media, Anthropology and Public Engagement New
Media, Anthropology and Public Engagement
Contemporary anthropology is done in a world where social and digital media are playing an increasingly significant role, where anthropological...
Making <i>Ubumwe</i> New
Making Ubumwe
Power, State and Camps in Rwanda's Unity-Building Project Since the end of the Rwandan genocide, the new political elite has...
Matters of Testimony New
Matters of Testimony
Interpreting the Scrolls of Auschwitz In 1944, members of the Sonderkommando—the “special squads,” composed almost exclusively of Jewish prisoners, who...
Memory and Change in Europe New
Memory and Change in Europe
Eastern Perspectives In studies of a common European past, there is a significant lack of scholarship on the former Eastern...
Marking Evil New
Marking Evil
Holocaust Memory in the Global Age Talking about the Holocaust has provided an international language for ethics, victimization, political claims,...