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Normas básicas de higiene del entorno en la asistencia sanitaria
Las infecciones relacionadas con la atención sanitaria son una causa de morbilidad y mortalidad, ocasionan una pérdida de recursos para...
National Health Inequality Monitoring
A Step-by-Step ManualThe National Health Inequality Monitoring: A Step-by-Step Manual was designed to serve as a highly accessible, practical reference...
Nutrition and Feeding of Organic Pigs
Organic animal production has increased rapidly in recent years to keep up with the increasing consumer demand for organic meats....
Numerical Methods in Engineering and Science
(C, and C++, and MATLAB)This comprehensive text is an excellent resource for students and practicing engineers. Providing an excellent balance...
Network Based High Speed Product Development
In the first decade of the 21st century, product development in networks was predicted to be of ever-increasing importance to...
Nepal Earthquake 2015
An Insight into Risks - a Vision for ResilienceOn 25 April 2015 at 11:56 NST, with a mighty shudder, the...
Natural Resources and Environmental Justice
Australian PerspectivesEnvironmental management involves making decisions about the governance of natural resources such as water, minerals or land, which are...
New Topics in Simulation and Modeling of RF Circuits
New Topics in Simulation and Modeling of RF Circuits addresses two main topics: simulation of RF circuits and new models...
Neuro-Rehabilitation with Brain Interface
In recent years, major results were reported on Brain-Computer Interface / Brain-Machine Interface (BCI/BMI) applied to rehabilitation in scientific reports...
New Model of Burn Out Syndrome
Towards Early Diagnosis and PreventionThis book is based on our most recent investigations revealing the complexity of the determinants of...
New Global ICT-Based Business Models
This New Global Business model (NEWGIBM) book describes the background, theory references, case studies, results, and learning imparted by the...
Nurse Educator Core Competencies
The World Health Organization has developed these Nurse Educator Core Competencies to enable educators to effectively contribute to the attainment...
Narrative Therapy Approaches for Physical Health Problems
Facilitating Preferred Change
New Horizons in Forensic Psychotherapy
Exploring the Work of Estela V. Welldon
Network as a Service for Next Generation Internet
Nietzsche and the Clinic
Psychoanalysis, Philosophy, Metaphysics
New Real Time Operating Systems for Embedded Systems
Networks for Sustainability
Harnessing People Power to Deliver Your Goals
Negotiating Knowledge
Evidence and Experience in Development NGOs Negotiating Knowledge draws on a diversity of scholarly and practitioner research across three continents,...
Natural Polymers for Drug Delivery
Natural polymers have been utilized extensively in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, oil drilling and paint industries. Their non-toxic and inexpensive...
Nutrition Experiments in Pigs and Poultry
A Practical GuideThis practical research text provides an invaluable resource for all animal and veterinary scientists designing, analyzing, and interpreting...
Numerical Methods and Statistical Techniques Using C
Non-Conventional Sorces of Energy
Novel Radar Techniques and Applications
Nano-CMOS and Post-CMOS Electronics
Nanobiosensors for Personalized and Onsite Biomedical Diagnosis
New Business Models for Sustainable Fashion
A Special Theme Issue of The Journal of Corporate Citizenship
Nano-scaled Semiconductor Devices
Physics, Modelling, Characterisation, and Societal Impact
Network Security and Cryptography
Network Security and Cryptography introduces the basic concepts in computer networks and the latest trends and technologies in cryptography and...
Newtonian Mechanics
Newtonian mechanics is taught as part of every physics program for several reasons: it is a towering intellectual achievement; it...