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Quo Vadis? New
Quo Vadis?
2004 was a year that threw into sharp relief the principal features of the present political conjuncture, that is, one...
Quenched-phosphorescence Detection of Molecular Oxygen
Applications in Life SciencesSignificant progress has been made in recent years in quenched-phosphorescence oxygen sensing, particularly in the materials and...
Quantitative In Silico Chromatography
Computational Modelling of Molecular InteractionsThe coupling of mass spectrometry or nuclear magnetic resonance to chromatography has broadened the possibilities for...
Quality in the Food Analysis Laboratory
Fit-for-purpose is a phrase familiar to all users of analytical data, who need to be assured that data provided by...
Quantum Inorganic Chemistry
Faraday Discussions No 124Recent developments in all aspects of computational chemistry are discussed, including structure and bonding, mechanism - especially...
Quadruplex Nucleic Acids
Guanine rich DNA has been known for decades to form unusual structures, although their biological relevance was little understood. Recent...
Quantities, Units and Symbols in Physical Chemistry
The first IUPAC Manual of Symbols and Terminology for Physicochemical Quantities and Units (the Green Book) of which this is...
Quality Assurance For Analytical Laboratories
At the present time, when public opinion is demanding accountability of laboratories carrying out analyses related to socially sensitive issues,...
Quality Assurance and Total Quality Management for Analytical Laboratories
Laboratories that wish to be accredited (certified and registered) have to introduce quality assurance systems in accordance with the ISO...
Quantitative Proteomics
As a component of post-genome science, the field of proteomics has assumed great prominence in recent years. Whereas quantitative analyses...
Quantum Mechanics for Chemists
Quantum Mechanics for Chemists is designed to provide chemistry undergraduates with a basic understanding of the principles of quantum mechanics....
Quantitative Millimetre Wavelength Spectrometry
This unique book demonstrates the current status, and future potential, of millimetre wavelength (MMW) spectrometry as a means of quantitative...
Qualitative Analysis
A Guide to Best PracticeThis Guide is concerned with the practice of qualitative analysis and contains invaluable advice for laboratories...
Quantum Tunnelling in Enzyme-Catalysed Reactions
In recent years, there has been an explosion in knowledge and research associated with the field of enzyme catalysis and...
Qualitative Studies of Organizations
John Van Maanen introduces qualitative research through examples of its application in organizational research. Each article serves as an exemplar...
Quality Improvement Projects in Health Care
Problem Solving in the WorkplaceThis book provides a review of basic terminology and offers guidelines to the untrained researcher for...
Quality Middle Schools New
Quality Middle Schools
Open and HealthyThis book is the result of nearly two decades of research and development into providing educational researchers with...
Quality of Life in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation
Conceptual Approaches, Issues, and ApplicationsThis book convincingly argues that Quality of Life is the vital link between health promotion and...
Quality Teaching Through Professional Development New
Quality Teaching Through Professional Development
This book is concerned with the conflict in United States schools between principals and teachers over teacher supervision. Many teachers...
Qualitative Research Methods for Health Professionals
Qualitative Methods in Aging Research
This volume of original articles by leading researchers explores the methodological possibilities and difficulties involved in doing qualitative work with...
Qualitative Studies in Social Work Research
This useful volume offers alternatives to the dominant quantitative paradigm in social work research. It provides exemplary studies of social...
Quality Management Plus New
Quality Management Plus
The Continuous Improvement of EducationThis practical guide provides answers to the `whats', `whys' and `hows' of quality management (QM) as...
Qualitative Nursing Research
A Contemporary DialogueQualitative Nursing Research addresses many of the problematic issues in qualitative research. Leading qualitative methodologists from orientations in...
Quality Assurance for Long-Term Care Providers
Concise and up-to-date with exercises to help create a quality environment, this much-needed volume proposes a viable organizational plan for...
Qualitative Methods in Family Research
Family phenomena are complex, subjective and private, and their study requires methods and perspectives tailored to this complexity. In response...
Questioning the Media New
Questioning the Media
A Critical IntroductionThis practical, highly accessible volume is designed to introduce students and general readers to the field of media...
Qualitative Evaluation and Research Methods New
Qualitative Evaluation and Research Methods
Once again setting the standard for the field, the Second Edition of Qualitative Evaluation Methods reflects the tremendous explosion of...
Quantitative Research in Archaeology
Progress and Prospects
Quantitative Methods and Statistics
A Guide to Social Research`Wright has written a very readable overview of the major quantitative techniques used in the social...