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Ultra-Low Input Power Conversion Circuits based on Tunnel-FETs
The increasing demand in electronic portability imposes low power consumption as a key metric to analog and digital circuit design....
Urban Pest Control
A Practitioner’s GuideThis guide brings together the varied and multiple skills and activities required of pest control practitioners, including biology,...
Understanding the Latinx Experience
Developmental and Contextual InfluencesThe Latino presence continues to grow in traditional population enclaves and has tripled in areas that are...
Unit Converter Using MATLAB APP
Using MATLAB, this app converts values from one unit of measure to another, employing standard conversion factors. There are 1,316...
UV-B Radiation and Plant Life
Molecular Biology to EcologyUltraviolet-B radiation (UV-B) has profound effects on plant growth and development, and exposure varies with ozone depletion...
University-Industry Collaboration and the Success Mechanism of Collaboration
Case Studies from JapanIn recent years, a considerable amount of effort has been devoted, both in industry and academia, towards...
User Requirements for Wireless
In most IT system development processes, the identification or elicitation of user requirements is recognized as a key building block....
Ultra Wideband Demystified
Technologies, Applications, and System Design Considerations Ultra Wideband Demystified is a comprehensive text for emerging, high speed short range wireless...
Using Peers in the Classroom
In an effort to capitalize on some of the more positive aspects of peer influences, colleges and universities have created...
Urban Governance in the Realm of Complexity
Urban Governance in the Realm of Complexity discusses the role of urban information systems; public, private and community partnerships; and...
Understanding How We Learn
Applying Key Educational Psychology Concepts in the ClassroomThis succinct, jargon-free, and user-friendly volume offers faculty an introduction to 35 concepts...
User-Centric Privacy and Security in Biometrics
Using Focus Groups to Listen, Learn, and Lead in Higher Education
Using Focus Groups to Listen, Learn, and Lead in Higher Education presents an easy-to-use 6-step guide to help leaders in...
Understanding Writing Transfer
Implications for Transformative Student Learning in Higher EducationWhile education is based on the broad assumption that what one learns here...
Understanding Integrated Reporting
The Concise Guide to Integrated Thinking and the Future of Corporate Reporting
Understanding G4
The Concise Guide to Next Generation Sustainability Reporting
University-Community Partnerships
Upping Your Ziggy
How David Bowie Faced His Childhood Demons – and How You Can Face Yours
Understanding Davanloo's Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy
A Guide for Clinicians
Under the Totem
In Search of a Path
Unix and Shell Programming 
Unrepressed Unconscious, Implicit Memory, and Clinical Work
Generals RuleUruguay was once known as "the Switzerland of Latin America", an apparent model of stability, progress and prosperity in...
Unity is Strength
Trade unions in Latin America - a case for solidarityLatin American workers and peasants live in extreme poverty, exploited by...
Under The Eagle
United States Intervention in Central America and the CaribbeanThe Caribbean basin is one of the most volatile areas of the...
Understanding and Promoting Transformative Learning
A Guide to Theory and PracticeThe third edition of Patricia Cranton’s Understanding and Promoting Transformative Learning brings a wealth of...
Use of Bedaquiline in the Treatment of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis
Interim Policy GuidanceThe emergence of drug resistance is a major threat to global tuberculosis (TB) care and control. The World...
Understanding and Using Tuberculosis Data
Country health information systems provide a rich source of data on the burden of disease caused by tuberculosis (TB) and...
Urban Insect Pests
Sustainable Management StrategiesA companion to Urban Pest Management, this book builds on the issues of insect pests in urban settings...
User Integration in Sustainable Product Development
Organisational Learning through Boundary-Spanning Processes