2004 Complete Bookshelf Teacher Induction Kit

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?Updated for 2004!

A collection of 20 key books will help you deal effectively with the challenges of being a teacher.

The Complete Teacher Bookshelf includes all 4 valuable Teacher Induction Training Kits:

The Beginning Teacher Induction Kit

  • Teaching From The Deep End
  • Succeeding With Today's Classroom Challenges
  • Time-Saving Tips for Teachers
    Second Edition
  • What Successful Teachers Do
    91 Research-Based Classroom Strategies for New and Veteran Teachers
  • The Teacher's Ultimate Planning Guide
    How to Achieve a Successful School Year and Thriving Teaching Career
  • The First Days of Class
    A Practical Guide for the Beginning Teacher
  • The Elementary Teacher Induction Kit

  • Best Classroom Practices

  • What Award-Winning Elementary Teachers Do
  • The New Elementary Teacher's Handbook
    Flourishing in Your First Year
    Second Edition
  • 10 Best Teaching Practices
    How Brain Research, Learning Styles, and Standards Define Teaching Competencies
  • Common-Sense Classroom Management
    Surviving September and Beyond in the Elementary Classroom
  • Practical Teaching Methods
    Sparking the Flame of Learning
  • The Secondary Teacher Induction Kit

  • Best Practices for High School Classrooms

  • What Award-Winning Secondary Teachers Do
  • Making Your First Year a Success
    The Secondary Teacher's Survival Guide
  • Succeeding in the Secondary Classroom
    Strategies for Middle and High School Teachers
  • Secrets for Secondary School Teachers
    How to Succeed in Your First Year
  • Relationship-Driven Classroom Management
    Strategies That Promote Student Motivation
  • The Special Education Induction Kit

  • How the Special Needs Brain Learns
  • Testing Students With Disabilities
    Practical Strategies for Complying With District and State Requirements
    Updated Edition
  • Brief Reference of Student Disabilities
    ...With Strategies for the Classroom
  • Differentiating Instruction for Students With Learning Disabilities
    Best Teaching Practices for General and Special Educators
  • Emotional and Behavioral Problems
    A Handbook for Understanding and Handling Students
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    The books are presented in 4 boxed kits.