A Safer Death

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Multidisciplinary Aspects of Terminal Care
During the past two decades professional interest in Terminal Care has increased dramatically. It is always difficult to trace the origins of a change of emphasis in medical and nursing care but it is likely that three influences have contributed to bring this about. Firstly, the rise of the modern hospice movement with its recognition that dying and mourning are normal life events and that the lay person has a role in these events no less important than the health professional; secondly, the development of sophisticated and successful techniques of palliative care and pain control; and lastly, the increasing expectations of the populace in advanced countries for a comprehensive and sensitive service for patients, family and care givers at the terminal phase of illness. It is significant that these developments in the care and management of the terminally ill are not confined either to one country or the sole prerogative of a single discipline. This is reflected in the papers collected in this volume which were originally presented at the International Conference on Multidisciplinary Aspects of Terminal Care organised by The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow, Scotland, U.K. The cross-fertilisation of ideas, experiences, and assessments provided by the contributors in a multicultural and multidisciplinary context pre� sented in this volume will be found stimulating and inspirational for both the professional and the lay person in the care of the dying.