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A Century of Scientific and Clinical Progress
The manuscripts in this volume were contributed by the speakers invited to the Acromegaly Centennial Symposium held in San Francisco, California in July 1986. The meeting was organized to commemorate the description of acromegaly by the French physician Pierre Marie, in 1886. The members of the Scientific Committee spent many hours assisting us in ensuring an outstanding meeting. The support of Serono Symposia, USA in all phases of the planning and execution of the meeting was sincerely appreciated and was highly professional. Special recognition roust be extended to Professor Roger Guillemin of the Salk Institute, whosp interest in medical history led him to devote a great deal of time and personal expense in obtaining information about the life of Pierre Marie. Dr. GuilIemin's presentation on the life and times of Marie was an extraordinary overview of the cultural, social, and scientific backgrounds in which Marie came to describe the disease, acromegaly. Dr. Guillemin' s findings, which were presented at the main banquet in a splendid audiovisual presentation, were clearly the highlight of the meeting and will long be remembered by the attendees. We were also honored by the presence of Dr. Martine Pierre Marie Granier, the great-granddaughter of Pierre Harie. In her address at the banquet, Dr. Granier provided several delightful and intimate vignettes concerning Pierre Marie, using old family records and photographs. The Scientific Committee wishes to extend its gratitude to Dr. Granier for adding immeasurably to the historical atmosphere of the meeting.