Amorphous Magnetism II

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The papers making up this volume represent a summary of the proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Amorphous Magnetism held at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute on August 25- 27, 1976. As a result of the resounding success of the Inter� national Symposium on Amorphous Magnetism held at Wayne State University on August 17 and 18, 1972 this symposium was again organized with the purpose in mind of providing a forum for dis� cussion of the most recent theoretical and experimental advances made in the fields of spin glass systems, amorphous magnetic alloys and magnetic oxide glasses. The symposium was sponsored by the American Physical Society and supported by a grant from GTE Laboratories. Additional support funds were provided by General Electric, Allied Chemical and Ford Motor Company. The program committee consisted of J. J. Becker (General Electric), P. A. Casabella (RPI), P. J. Cote (Watervliet Arsenal), A. M. de Graaf (Wayne State University), R. Hasegawa, Co-Chairman (Allied Chemical), H. O. Hooper (University of Maine), H. B. Huntington (RPI), R. A. Levy, Chairman (RPI), R. K. MacCrone (RPI), L. N. Mulay (Penn State University), G. L. Salinger (RPI) and J. Wong (General Electric). The program of the symposium included 7 invited review papers, 53 contributed papers, and 10 additional papers read by title because of time limitations. The editors wish to extend their deep appreciation to J. J. Becker, A. M. de Graaf, P. Duwez, J. Gustafson, D. L. Huber, U.