Androgens and Androgen Receptor

Vendor: Springer


Mechanisms, Functions, and Clini Applications
Androgen Receptors is the most comprehensive and up to date volume on the topic, including discussions of the basic mechanisms of androgen-androgen receptor actions, their roles in the androgen-related diseases, and their potential clinical applications.
Key topics covered include:

-The discovery and cloning of the androgen receptor;
-Androgen receptor coregulators;
-Androgen related genes and their consensus DNA response elements;
-Basic mechanism of action including functional analyses, cellular localization and phosphorylation studies;
-Cross-talk to other signal transduction systems;
-The recent connections of androgens to women's diseases, such as osteoporosis and ovarian cancer.

This book is of interest to students, basic scientists, and clinicians as both a study guide and reference of research in the androgen field. It could also be used as an advanced level text in endocrinology, urology, OBGYN, or oncology.